Casting Crows

Anything can inspire people – love and war, happiness and misery. If you are able to have genuine feelings and are not afraid of expressing your inner emotions, you can end up becoming a part of a rock band just like Mark Hall and his fellows did.

This stunning story started when a youth pastor appeared at First Baptist Church in Downtown, Daytona Beach, Florida (USA). Mark Hall founded a youth group Casting Crows in 1999 and up to now he serves as its lead vocalist. Christian rock group swiftly turned from an ordinary student worship band into a powerful attraction for many people. The group initially included vocalist Mark Hall, guitarists Juan DeVevo and Hector Cervantes and violinist Melodee DeVevo.

As the group grew stronger they moved to Stockbridge Georgia (USA), inspired by their leader, singer and songwriter Mark and found more members to complete present-day Casting Crows. In 2001 the group was joined by Chris Huffman (bass), Megan Garrett (keyboards and accordion), and Andy Williams (drums). Some members of the band decided not to give up working as ministers for Eagles Landing First Baptist Church in Stockbridge, Georgia.

Casting Crows released two independent albums on CD, and both releases turned out to be successful in the Atlanta area. The whole project was aimed at youth in the area. As a result the group won the GMA regional songwriters competition at Palm Beach Atlantic University – 2004, West Palm Beach, Florida in the “Best Song” and the “Best Artist” categories. Surprisingly, the group, which was not searching for a record label, was noticed by Mark Miller, lead singer for country group Sawyer Brown. The guy was so surprised by Casting Crowns’ authentic pop/rock style that he signed Casting Crowns to his Beach Street Records. As a result eponymous album Casting Crows was released turning the group into one of the fastest selling debut artists in Christian music history. “Voice of Truth” from this album has become a real hit. In 2005 the album was certified platinum and in 2011 Casting Crows received their first gold certification for a single “Who am I”.

Check out free downloadable videos of Casting Crowns – each of them is a must-see because these artists play music and sing with their very hearts.

Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) Video

Casting Crowns – “GLORIOUS DAY (LIVING HE LOVED ME)” Video Download

Casting Crowns – “Courageous” Music Video

Casting Crowns – “Courageous” Music Video Free Download

“Courageous” mp3 download

Casting Crowns “COURAGEOUS” free mp3 download

“Angel” free mp3 download

Casting Crowns “Angel” free mp3 download


“Stained Glass Masquerade” mp3 download

Casting Crowns “Stained Glass Masquerade” free mp3 download

“Does Anybody Hear Her” mp3 download

Casting Crowns “COURAGEOUS” free mp3 download

“Praise You In This Storm” mp3 download

Casting Crowns “Praise You In This Storm” free mp3 download